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We like to feature like – minded people on this show. People who are aligned to the mission, vision and core values of the podcast and are willing to share their learnings.

  • Have you discovered and are living your purpose and would love to share how you got there?
  • Are you on a constant journey of self discovery and would like to share your lessons and journey so far?
  • Are you a personal or self-development coach, motivational speaker, or professional in any field and want to share wisdom

Then, we would love to have you on the show.

Get in touch HERE and send a short summary of the topic you would like to tackle. A member of our team will reach out to review and assess whether the topic is in alignment with our vision and plan and we shall then arrange a recording session.

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Business Enquiries:

The year 2020 has defined a new normal that has awakened us to the fact that a lot of things can be achieved virtually, sometimes with more efficiency than before. Take the journey with us. We offer Corporate event planning and moderation skills.

You want your online event to be successful right? Then bring in a moderator. I am skilled & experienced in designing a tailor made event that has the right energy, creates great connections, is focused and delivers intended result.

Host a Successful Virtual Event, workshop or meeting.

For any business and collaboration enquiries, get in touch -


For any business and collaboration enquiries, get in touch with me HERE.