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What began as simply sharing my life lessons from life experiences and various personal development investments has now grown into a beautiful community of like minded people who love and are commited to sharing, learning, evolving and growing. Thank you being part of this community. Here is how you can support the podcast:-

  • 1. By sharing the episodes with your circles.

  • Share here:

  • 2. By leaving a review, comment and rating on your favourite podcast listening apps

  • 3. By supporting the production, editing and airing of the podcast. This goes a long way in keeping the production quality great as well as ensures we bring you the episodes consistently.

You can support the lifenpurpose podcast and website in two main ways; through donating via mpesa paybill or through the PayPal link for our listeners outside of Kenya

Mpesa Paybill

M-pesa Till Number: 5373385


To Donate to lifenpurpose through mpesa, follow these steps:

  • 1. Open the mpesa app

  • 2. Select Lipa na Mpesa

  • 3. Choose Paybill

  • 4. Enter Paybill No followed by account

  • 5. Press Send.



To donate to lifenpurpose via paypal, follow these steps:

  • 1. Press the Donate button

  • 2. On the 'Donate to' page enter amount.

  • 3. Select 'Make this a monthly donation' if you want to support us monthly.

  • 4. Select 'donate with PayPal' or 'Donate with a Credit card'

  • 5. Complete transaction

Thank you for your support, it goes a long way in keeping the podcast going! Share your favourite podcast episodes.

For any questions or inquiries you can contact me here.

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