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Unveil the version of you that you deserve! Take some time each day, each week & each month to work towards becoming the best version of yourself. In my world, and I know in yours too, The greatest gift you can give yourself, is to invest in your personal growth and transformation.

Our structured, undated 12-month planner helps you break down your goals into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, gives you an opportunity to focus on one key area of your life each month and harness it, allows you to review your progress and track important habits. This is a tested way to maximize productivity while keeping your eyes on the overall vision of where you want to take your life.

You have taken the first step of purchasing the journal, now make a commitment to get reacquainted with that person you call ME!

Every Best of Me Loading planner contains:

Best of Me Loading Planner


  • 1. Goal setting and promise to your future self
  • 2. Monthly themes focused on key personal growth areas to focus and track on each month
  • 3. Monthly planning, setting of goals, intentions, commitments & Dates to remember
  • 4. Weekly planning and reviews
  • 5. Daily activity planning
  • 6. Daily Habit tracking
  • 7. A Reading list diary and key takeaways from your reads. Extra pages for notes
  • 8. Extra pages for noting down inspirational quotes you come across
  • 9. It is undated so you can pick it any time of the year and use it. You can also pick the monthly themes randomly depending on where you are on your personal development journey
  • 10. It is a guided planner that creates structure in your planning game!

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How to order Best Of Me Loading... planner

How to Order

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  • 4. Deliveries will be made on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
  • 5. Delivery will be at an extra reasonable cost depending on your location. We also send parcels countrywide. If you are oversees and would like the planner, DM me and we shall make arrangements
  • 6. Once you receive your order, please let us know how you like the planner by sending us feedback on the IG handle @lifenpurposepodcast

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